Community Engagement & Partnership

PRIHSM - NIH Maternal Health Research Center of Excellence

The goal of the Community Engagement and Partnership component is to ensure that patients and key stakeholders are integrated into all phases of PRIHSM’s research to promote maternal health equity. PRIHSM focuses on postpartum hemorrhage, which is one of the most common causes of severe maternal morbidity and maternal mortality. PRIHSM prioritizes groups that bear the disproportionate burden of postpartum hemorrhage, which includes Asian, Black, Latinx, and Native American individuals, those in mother-mother partnerships, and people with limited resources and access to care.

Aim 1. Build, strengthen, and sustain bidirectional community-university partnerships focused on improving maternal health equity.

We will leverage strong existing partnerships and add new key stakeholders to ensure that all PRIHSM research and training reflect the needs and priorities of populations at highest risk.

Aim 2. Integrate perspectives of patients, providers, and healthcare leadership into PRIHSM’s research.

We have designed and tailored innovative engagement strategies to ensure that patients, key stakeholders, and community partners are effectively integrated into each PRIHSM research project, including projects to describe the lived experienced postpartum hemorrhage; and research prioritization activities to promote partner-driven solutions to improve patient-centered outcomes.

Aim 3. Develop and implement strategies to disseminate PRIHSM’s findings.

Our center prioritizes rapid and effective dissemination and translation of research findings into clinical policy and practice to promote health equity. We will use innovative strategies such as mini-grants to community partners, digital storytelling of study findings, and in-person convenings to facilitate dissemination and translation.

These aims are synergistically aligned with the work of PRIHSM’s research projects and training component. Successful completion of these Aims will result in strong, sustainable community-university partnerships dedicated to improving maternal health equity through partner-driven solutions and a blueprint of best practices for successful community-engaged research focused on maternal health.

Community Engagement and Partnership Team

Suzan L Carmichael, PhD, MS
Principal Investigator
Yasser El-Sayed, MD
Kendra Smith, PhD
Elizabeth Sherwin, MPH
Tainayah Whitney Thomas, PhD, MPH
Emily Sedillo, MPH
Andy Krackov
Juno Obedin-Maliver, MD
Peiyi Kan, MPH